Frugal & Green

The eco-friendly lens cleaner

10 times cheaper and 10 times more sustainable. One set with 50 refills only 24.99€.

Frugal & Green lens cleaner
Sustainable lens cleaner feature


The kit contains a durable, eco-friendly reusable bottle and 50 all-natural refill tablets.

Suitable for all lenses feature

Suitable for all lenses

Use the lens cleaner for your glasses, camera lens or computer monitor. It works wonders!

10x less expensive feature

10x less expensive

A 5-year supply of the lens cleaner refill tablets (50 tablets) will set you back only 24.99€.


What is Frugal & Green and how does it work?
Frugal & Green is the all-in-one fun, thrift, and eco-friendly lens cleaner.
How much does Frugal & Green cost?
The complete kit costs 24.99€ and includes a durable spray bottle and 50 refill tablets.
Can I use it to clean my phone too?
Yes! You can use it to clean your glasses, camera lenses, and computer and phone screens.
How much does shipping cost?
Europe-wide shipping costs 9.99€.

Lens cleaner refill tablets

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